Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Teasers

  • I sort of love this article -- why talking to your sister will make you happy. Had to send it to my brother. I'm not sure why it's in the Health section of the NY Times, but it is, so I'm posting it here.
  • How health reform is already helping people with pre-existing conditions get coverage.
  • Somehow we are not getting the message across to seniors, who are worried that health reform cuts Medicare benefits. It doesn't. It trims the subsidies to private insurers that run Medicare Advantage plans, and cracks down on fraud, but there are no cuts to Medicare benefits.
  • And finally, here in Connecticut, there are calls for the firing of the State Insurance Commissioner. He rubber stamped Anthem's 47% rate increases. Now that there's so much opposition, including from the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Commissioner says there will be a rate hearing. But that came too late, as so many of us have been offended by his initial refusal to take consumers seriously.

I'm off today to a very sad funeral of little Evan, who died at age 7 after a brave and fierce four-year battle against neuroblastoma. No child should have to suffer, and no parent should have to watch their child die. Whatever you're doing today, no matter how down you may feel, look at your kids or your nieces/nephews or neighbor kids and feel lucky. Jennifer

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