Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing HuffPo Health

Huffington Post has announced a new section called HuffPost Health, "a place for serious and interesting conversation and education around all aspects of personal health and well-being, including treatment, prevention and wellness."

HuffPost Health will be a clear and balanced resource to provide a comprehensive view of the state of health and health news in a given day. It will provide a forum for intelligent discourse and divergent but respectful points of view. HuffPost Health will empower you with state of the art information you can use to make informed and intelligent decisions that affect your life in meaningful ways.

In this spirit, HuffPost Health's articles and videos will include the best of evidence-based allopathic Western medicine (including drugs and surgery), lifestyle and functional medicine (including nutrition, fitness, stress management, supplements, and love and support), mind/body medicine (including mental and emotional health), women's and men's health issues, and integrative medicine (including complementary and alternative medicine).

In addition to personal health information, HuffPost Health will address health policy issues. At a time when there is more controversy than ever about the roles of government and industry in health care, HuffPost Health will provide a place to have a lively dialogue from a wide variety of perspectives that may transcend the usual liberal/conservative dichotomies.

Of course, I will continue to summarize and post links to articles of particular interest, but if you're a real health news junkie, you may want to check out HuffPost Health yourself, too! Jennifer

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