Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Morning Tidbits

We did a pretty detailed news round-up at the end of the day yesterday, but still, there are a few tidbits for you.

Here is a GREAT Q & A about health reform, exposing some of the lies, explaining some of the details. We need a reality check once in awhile, and here's a very good one.

Here's an article about waiting times in doctors' offices and what to do about them.

The federal government has asked the Connecticut Insurance Department to reconsider Anthem Blue Cross's rate hikes, which are as high as 47%. This outrage is emblematic of the Connecticut Insurance Department's refusal to consider consumers when making decisions. They don't seem to be persuaded by the feds, either. Here's another piece on the same issue. The State applied for and received a $1 million grant to beef up their rate review process, and the feds want to know why, then, there were no hearings or transparency around these rate hikes.

And here's a little more local news. Medicaid managed care organizations reaping profits off of providing health care to the poor, while the State keeps writing the checks.

That's it, folks. Sorry it's so short, but check out yesterday afternoon's post, which is full of what's in the papers today. Jennifer

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