Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday's Health News Themes

How is the health law going to affect the upcoming election? It's a mixed bag, they say.

The medical loss ratio is in the news again today. Remember, the medical loss ratio is the portion of premium dollars that are spent on health care. The idea is to limit administrative costs to only 20-25% of premium dollars. Well, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners was tasked with coming up with rules for what counts as health care and what's administrative since there are lots of things that could be either. They are meeting in Florida this week, and are expected to vote on their proposed plan today. This is critical. Controlling the percentage of administrative costs is one of the first pieces of the cost control picture to take effect under the new law. Secretary Sebelius will review the Association's proposal before it becomes final.

In other news, the LA Times tells us how the new law affects college students, allowing them to stay on their parents' policies to age 26.

The Wall St. Journal says house calls are back! The medical team coming to you, plus using technology to deliver care by phone, email, and monitoring devices.

A small sampling to start the day. More later. Jennifer

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