Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning News

Employers drug test and then fire due to LEGAL drugs. Is this fair?

Runners are healthy -- but they get injured. So are they good risks for insurers?

How will the new law affect employer-based insurance? Seems like a lot of conjecture since we won't really know until at least 2014. But people are saying this will be the end of employer-sponsored insurance; employers will give employees "vouchers" to buy insurance on the Exchanges. Is that the worst thing that could happen? What's wrong with giving employees more options? Or will it not work out that way? I think it's too soon to tell.

Patients are starting to behave like consumers when deciding on medical care, comparing price before making decisions about care. Is this good or bad?

A wonderful story about the family caregiver of the year. Amazing woman.

You want malpractice reform when doctors are still operating on the wrong patient, the wrong body part? If someone did that to me, I would hope there would be no artificial limit on the amount of damages I could collect.

Putting your medical records online -- good idea? Here are the top three companies, with reviews of each.

Why are we expected to be brave in the face of chronic illness?

That should get your day started. Have a good one. Jennifer

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