Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday News Brief

Just a quick post early on a Saturday morning.

Here's really important advice on choosing a new Medicare Part D plan during open enrollment. Start to review plans now, they say.

Beware of miracle cures, says the FDA, according to USA Today.

In an interesting strategy, several Democrats running for office are asking for a chance to fix the health reform bill. Actually, I sort of like this approach. We all know health reform had to happen. We all know the bill that was passed is better than nothing, but still flawed. We need to focus on cost the next time around, now that we've addressed coverage. Rather than trying to turn the clock back and repeal -- since some of what's been done is absolutely right and good -- why not look forward to how to fix?

And the Wall St. Journal explains one of the benefits of electronic medical records -- one of the things, by the way, that health reform got right.

That's enough work for me on a Saturday. Enjoy the day. I know I will! Jennifer

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