Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Evening (Is It Friday Yet?) Edition

The Justice Department sued Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan over pricing deals. Basically, Blue Cross required what's known as "most favored nation" status, so if you were a hospital and you signed on as a Blue Cross provider, you had to charge everybody OTHER THAN Blue Cross MORE than you were charging Blue Cross. This stifles competition among insurers, giving Blue Cross an advantage that no other insurer has, driving up insurance prices for other companies. This type of pricing arrangement is not new or unusual; it's pretty standard, probably happening in your state, usually with Blue Cross insurers. Watch for more lawsuits to come as a result.

What's it like to live to 100 years old? Here you go.

Can we push ourselves through the pain, like the great athletes do? Should we?

Do you sit at a desk at work all day? Perhaps you should try standing -- a standing desk, that is.

More on my level, does exhaustion threaten your health? I thought so. "Your mood and your gut function" are intertwined. I knew that. Now, I need a doctor to prescribe me a month off!

A judge in Virginia says he'll rule on health reform litigation by the end of the year -- and notes he's just a stop along the way to the Supreme Court, no matter how he rules. And a new poll sees support for reform dipping BUT a greater number say they will vote to protect reform!

Just think -- you're now way ahead of tomorrow morning's papers! Jennifer

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