Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Morning Musings

Tom Daschle praises the health reform law.

The NY Times reports that the federal government is creating waivers for limited benefits plans or "mini-meds." Although these plans provide very minimal benefits, I guess they are better than nothing until the subsidies are available for full-blown insurance in 2014.

A new huge website answering health questions,, goes live today. But beware that a lot of the answers come from marketers.

Consumer reports lists the best health plans.

More on medical loss ratios. I know it's wonky, but it's one of the most important pieces of reform because it limits the amount of premium dollars insurers can spend on administration (versus paying for health care).

There are a couple of articles today on how opposition to health reform is influencing campaign donations. The LA Times tells us that health insurers are pouring donations into GOP campaigns; and Politico says doctor groups are funding campaigns of doctors running for Congress.

That's it for now. Jennifer

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