Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's First Takes

Peter Orszag used to run Obama's Office of Management and Budget. Now he's a NY Times columnist, and here he writes about the need for 7 day per week medical care.

And there's this piece on how hard it is to get pain meds, even if you have a legitimate need.

And here's the tale of a week at a very busy hospital in Brooklyn.

A take on the new Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans.

The LA Times says whether parents follow doctor's orders for their kids often depends on what insurance they have.

Politico says the health industry is taking its money to the "other side," and what a GOP win in November would mean for health reform. Yet, some Dem candidates are campaigning against repeal.

The good of health reform, an opinion piece by Tom Harkin.

But be ready for a long re-run of the health reform fight after November, says WaPo.


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