Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday's News

Secretary Sebelius (HHS) says that health reform boosts quality of care, not just insurance coverage, through innovative approaches to health care delivery.

Health reform expanded drug discount programs, but somehow, that seems to have curtailed an important discount program for orphan drugs for children. If we had a Congress that could get things right, I would think this could be fixed easily. As it is, the children will suffer.

Health reform also is designed to encourage immunizations. Adults should have several vaccines. Do you have yours? It's about more than a flu shot.

The federal government continues to clamp down on health care fraud. Today, Abbott and two other firms settle a case for $421 million.

Some employers are offering wellness programs to cut down on health care costs.

Spotlight on caregivers, as AARP and Leeza Gibbons team up.

Doctors profit on prostate cancer treatments under Medicare. Through a process called self-referral, they refer patients to their own radiology practice for treatment, which pays lucrative benefits under Medicare. But does it work?

Meanwhile, the Senate appears to have reached a deal to delay implementation of a huge Medicare reimbursement rate decrease for doctors, for one year.

Have a healthy day! Jennifer

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