Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday News -- Chronic fatigue and other tidbits

The Red Cross bans people with chronic fatigue syndrome from donating blood. Chronic fatigue syndrome may be associated with a retro-virus that may be spread by blood transfusion. So the Red Cross decided not to wait for more conclusive evidence and exclude them from giving blood. So we can't prove they have a "real" disease, we have to fight like MAD to get disability benefits for them, but these patients' blood is not good enough for the general population? Talk about a raw deal. Either recognize chronic fatigues as a real, disabling illness or not -- but these half-measures are really hurting patients.

A Seattle doctor argues that patients must take more personal responsibility for their health. While I get his point and agree that patients have to participate in their own care and comply with doctors' orders, I don't much like his lawnmower analogy. I don't think people are quite the same as a lawnmower.

Doctors pledge to stop the overuse of radiation in a national program starting in Chicago.

That's it for today. Jennifer

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