Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday Edition

Here's a profile of the Department of Justice lawyer who's defending the health reform law. What a huge case to have on your shoulders. Very impressive.

The House has now joined the Senate in passing a delay in the Medicare rate cuts for doctors for a full year. The President is expected to sign it, so that puts this issue aside for a year.

Senate Republicans blocked a bill that provides health benefits to 9/11 workers. What are they thinking?

Although HHS is granting waivers to employers with limited benefit plans -- plans that cover as little as $2000 per year -- it is also making sure that employees enrolled in these plans are given notice so that they are not under the misimpression that they have more insurance than they do. New rules came out yesterday requiring employers to give their employees written notice about the limited nature of their plans. Although I don't like limited benefit plans, at least this way employees are not lulled into a false sense of security, thinking they have benefits until they get sick and find out that there's not much there.

Only half of women over 40 get mammograms. Really? If you haven't had a mammogram this year, call today to make an appointment.

And that's it -- a light morning today. Check back later to see if there's anything more, and have a good one. Jennifer

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