Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday News Bites

We start with a story of what happens when you don't have insurance and you, therefore, put off treatment. Something benign becomes life-threatening, and what might have been taken care of for a few hundred dollars ends up costing thousands. And you don't think we'll save money if everybody has insurance?

Here's the case for the individual mandate laid out simply, poignantly, truthfully. Before you oppose it, read this.

Health reform is phasing out annual dollar limits on benefits, but what about limits on the number of doctor visits, which have not been changed by reform? Here's a cautionary tale.

And still, the GOP plots repeal. One contender for the party chair says we should put it to a ballot measure.

And the newest draft of the temporary spending bill does not include funding for reform efforts. I don't know what this means for implementation; my guess is the White House will continue to press ahead.

Will the GOP continue to block health care for 9/11 first responders? They're taking some well-deserved heat for this one.

The House today should pass the food safety bill (again) and send it to the President for signing.

Palliative care -- good medicine or death panels? I don't know how you could read this story and think there's anything cruel about it.

Here's a new federal program aimed at keeping seniors in their homes, out of nursing homes and despair.

Do you get regular vision checks? Do it.

A personal case for mammography.

Learning more about the brain allows us to understand.

What makes you feel the warm afterglow after a serious workout? Not what you think.

A study finds a possible carcinogen in the water of 31 cities.

Overcoming stuttering -- easier said than done.

A large study says echinacea doesn't help cure the common cold after all. I'm telling you -- chicken soup is the way to go.

And that's it for this morning. Hope you have a healthy day! Jennifer

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