Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hump Day Headlines

In what may be the most exciting news in our lifetime, HuffPo reports that a stem cell transplant cured HIV in one patient. If this turns out to be for real, we may see the end of this awful disease. Let's hope this is for real.

And in other news:

The Commonwealth of Virginia convened a panel to consider health reform. Although they are leading the charge against federal reform in the courts, their panel recommended implementing the health law and attempting to improve care.

The NY Times has a thoughtful piece on how opposition to the health law is steeped in tradition. Read the words that were said when Medicare was passed. Sounds very familiar.

Is the individual mandate necessary in order for health reform to work? I think so, but not everyone agrees. Here's WaPo's take.

A new study finds that the health reform law will help people close to retirement age.

Yesterday, HHS released a strategic plan for fighting multiple chronic conditions. We participated in a nationwide conference call yesterday afternoon about this initiative. To control health care costs, chronic illness must be dealt with, but how? It's great to see innovation happening in this area.

A special section on hepatitis from the patient's point of view.

A couple unites over cancer. Very moving.

Have you ever had c-difficile (c-diff)? I have. This new treatment seems sort of extreme, but c-diff can be so incapacitating that it's good to see new treatments coming to the fore.

The holiday season can be big on health issues. Here are tips from USA Today on how to avoid holiday heartburn. And here's a piece on seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

And that's it for this morning. Have a great one! Jennifer

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