Friday, December 17, 2010

Jonathan Cohn: Why Medicaid is Worth Saving

The ever-fabulous Jonathan Cohn argues that, while Medicaid is not perfect, it would be a mistake to unravel it. Yes, reimbursement rates are too low, so not enough providers participate, leaving enrollees with sub-par medical care in some cases.

But, Jonathan Cohn asks, what would you do instead? How would you provide care to the very poor, to pregnant women, to children?

Those who critique Medicaid don't have an alternative. That's why, when Gov. Perry of Texas threatened to pull Texas out of Medicaid, it was his health advisers who balked. How would the state pay for charity care at hospitals? Where would poor people go for non-hospital treatment? And, equally importantly, where would the state go to replace the MILLIONS in federal reimbursement it receives for providing Medicaid benefits to the poor?

It's easy to criticize, but not so easy to solve problems. As usual, I find Jonathan Cohn's reasoning to be unassailable. Jennifer

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