Monday, December 13, 2010

The I Hate Monday Edition

A judge in Virginia is expected to rule against the constitutionality of the health reform law TODAY. He signaled his negativity during oral argument, and the likelihood that the decision will come today has been floating since Friday. So check back here later today. His chambers says around noon.

The GOP blocks a bill to provide health care to 9/11 responders. Where's the morality in that?

Large employers -- what we call self-funded plans -- are getting ready for the health reform changes to kick in on January 1, when their new plan year begins. It seems they're focused on eliminating "Cadillac plans" although the tax on those plans doesn't kick in until 2018.

Should insurers that provide insurance through an Exchange starting in 2014 be allowed to cover abortion services when women pay for those services out of their own money? Expect the GOP to push for a "no" to this question. It's not about federal money going to pay for abortions -- that's already illegal. It's about insurers being able to cover abortion when paid for by private dollars.

Is there a way to facilitate organ donation? New York is going to try.

Do doctors already ration care? The NY Times says yes.

What to do about snoring.

Is mercury in fillings harmful? The FDA to look into it.

Half of doctors are using electronic records to some extent, says the CDC.

And that's the opening to the week. Have a good one. Jennifer

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  1. *sigh* And Arizona knocking off transplant recipients who'd been approved for live saving operations already scheduled.