Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Morning Election Edition

I didn't really expect to have any health news related to the election, but here's the NY Times positing that elected officials will face psychological pressure to reach for compromise, or at least to speak to each other with a modicum of respect -- which would be a welcome change!

This is a really good article about navigating the Medicare maze if you're just becoming eligible. Read this one.

And this I already knew -- cats make their owners healthier! I've long said everyone with a chronic illness should have a cat. Here's the research to back it up. As I write this, Emily is sitting on my lap purring. What more could one want?

The Wall St. Journal says the number of employers offering health coverage will expand this year due to health reform tax credits. You sure you want to repeal? Employers remain worried about the cost. But although the insurance industry wants some parts of health reform repealed, they don't want to lose that critical mandate that all individuals have to have insurance. That's the part of reform that's a windfall for them because it gets them all the healthy people, helping to spread the cost of people with higher health care costs.

How do health care providers respect the traditions and customs of Muslim culture?

Should genes be patented? Apparently, this question provokes lots of strong opinions.

The nursing shortage becomes critical, according to the largest nursing union.

Finally, I can't tell you who to vote for, but I can tell you this: VOTE!!!! This is how we celebrate democracy. Don't sit on the sidelines. Vote today. Jennifer

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