Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Bits

The cost of diabetes care is huge -- and only 25% of patients get the treatment they need, reports our favorite NY Times writer, Walecia Konrad.

More about the new report on the uninsured. One in every 4 Americans was without health insurance at some point last year.

Employers are creating incentives for employees to get healthy -- stop smoking, lose weight. But they want to see results before they reward you.

Democrats will work on repealing one of the sticky little problems in the health reform bill. The bill would require small businesses to report on every vendor to whom they paid more than $600 per year -- so the office supply store, the printer, etc. This has to go -- we've known this for awhile -- but the reason it was included is because it is expected to generate revenue, so we need to find the revenue somewhere else. That's the hard part.

I'm going back to bed! Jennifer

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