Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Round-Up

Today's my dear friend Laura Trafton's birthday, so we know it's going to be a good day. Here's some lesser news:

Snuggling with your cell phone may not be very smart, says the NY Times. Radiation exposure.

The Medicare doctor cuts were passed at least a year ago -- way before health reform -- and have been postponed a few months at a time, over and over. But now we have a lame duck Congress that has to postpone them again if they are not going to take effect on December 1. Can Congress get this done?

Then again, that's small potatoes compared to the big fight Republicans are gearing up for, says the LA Times.

Here's a pilot plan, nurses making house calls. Nice idea. Medicare as innovator. Expect to see more of this. Indeed, here's a plan in which doctors make house calls.

The Wall St. Journal tells you all you need to know about Medicare changes this year.

And in the truly bizarre, judges who hear Social Security appeals face violent threats. Really?

And Glenn Close speaks out for getting rid of the stigma around mental illness.

That should start your day off! Have a good one. And Happy Birthday Laura! Jennifer

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