Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Don't-These-Guys-Ever-Take-a-Day-Off E

More stories about how the GOP plans to mess with health reform. The NY Times focuses on how the GOP can defund reform efforts.

In a particularly drastic move, Texas considers withdrawing from Medicaid. Texas already has horrible gaps in health care for its uninsureds. This would be a disaster.

The LA Times says the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans are now fully up and running. If you haven't had insurance for 6 months, here's your option. I've heard that they are actually cutting premiums to make these plans even more attractive. Check it out at

Here's a great story about caregiver support -- the unforgotten, most of the time.

That's it for me for today. Back in full tomorrow. Jennifer


  1. Texas doesn't have benefits for adults with no children. They want to do this by January of 2011?

    Can you relink the insurance appeals how-to? I cannot seem to locate it (whenever you have time, thanks).

  2. Rabbit, it's on our new website here:
    Hope that helps. Jennifer