Saturday, November 27, 2010

Skipped a Day Edition

Sorry I skipped Black Friday. Here's a bit of Saturday news:

The courts may undermine health reform. If there's no individual mandate, insurers will start pushing back on covering pre-existing conditions, and from there, it all falls apart. Of course, if we had a public option that accepted everyone with pre-existing conditions, that would work -- but what are the chances of that happening? And here's more on this week's decision in Ohio denying the feds' motion to dismiss, with members of Congress signing on.

Beware of medical credit cards, with high rates and sharp terms.

Nobody ever listens to me. So someone finally had the idea to create incentives to hire disabled workers to reduce the rolls of Social Security disability. Now, add temporary disability and we'll really cut those numbers.

It's getting harder to find Medicare enrolled doctors.

That's all I can find today. Guess the serious news waits for next week. Jennifer

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