Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Moaning

My eye still feels like there's something in it, so it's not 100%, but today the wonderful Nicole Netkin-Collins formally joins Advocacy for Patients on a full-time basis. YAY!!! In celebration, here's the news:

Here's a NY Times editorial about why the White House has to stand strong on the budget. I personally agree. Advocacy for Patients' formal position is that we do not believe health reform should be defunded, and we don't believe the budget cuts should be allowed to kill thousands of jobs. We're in favor of the people who call us for help -- Democrat, Republican, neither. We support the policies that we think/hope will support YOU.

Some Dems like Durbin are starting to push back against cuts. Here's a detailed piece showing that both parties are sort of feeling their way. And the $50 million question is whether the House GOP will negotiate or shut down the government.

Arizona budget cuts are targeting transplants.

Mississippi Gov Haley Barbour criticizes Medicaid, but his state has one of the most expansive Medicaid programs in the United States.

The puzzle of chronic fatigue syndrome. A retrovirus like HIV? It sure would be nice to know.

As insurers have cut back on paying for talk therapy, psychiatrists turn to meds.

Should women in their 40's get annual routine mammograms? Should men have PSA's for prostate cancer?

Finally, here's an interesting story. Aetna as employer is all about wellness programs, DEcreasing copays on drugs needed to treat chronic conditions, all kinds of ways to help employees stay healthy. But when they sell insurance, it's not quite the same attitude.

And that's this morning's news. Welcome Nicole. Now, we can really get down to business. Jennifer

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