Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Afternoon Update

So there are enough doings about the budget that I thought I would update you now rather than waiting until tomorrow morning.

The conservatives in the House have introduced legislation that would automatically make the House GOP budget law if the government is close to a shut-down. Of course, this is entirely symbolic; if the Senate didn't pass the House budget, they won't pass this, either. But onward the House GOP goes, with freshman GOP announcing that they will hold a protest at the Senate for not passing their bill. And the harm that would come of a shut-down is starting to sink in. Although there are contingency plans, a shut-down would threaten the social safety net.

But the kind of cuts the GOP are insisting on would threaten not only our domestic interests, but also our foreign policy.

So we have to hope that the parties will talk and reach a compromise, as some are trying to do.

And while I'm at it, on health reform, the Tea Partiers are having some impressive success in blocking implementation of health reform.

And there -- you're up to date! Jennifer

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