Friday, March 18, 2011

9 Million Laid-Off Americans Lost Health Insurance

Here's the confirmation of what we already knew. According to a study by the Commonwealth Fund, 9 million laid-off Americans lost their health insurance in the last two years. That's 57% of people who lost a job that provided health insurance.

In addition, 19 million people who applied for individual insurance were either rejected due to pre-existing conditions or they could not find an affordable option.

52 million Americans did not have insurance in 2010, compared with 38 million in 2001. Nearly 49 million spent 10% or more of their income on health care, up from 31 million in 2001.

The Commonwealth Fund said -- and I agree -- that once health reform is fully implemented in 2014, no recession will ever be able to do this to people again.

Repeal? Really? You sure? Jennifer

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