Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday's News

I hope you had a nice day off yesterday. Today, it's back to the grind. Congress is on recess, so hopefully, they can't do too much damage!!! Here goes:

In GOP-led states, the health reform law is garnering varying responses. Some states are working on implementation and some are not.

Secretary Sebelius says she needs to make changes to the long-term care act that was part of health reform in order to make it viable.

The Social Security Administration is getting ready for a shut-down or possibly cuts. Good that they're planning. Politico tells us how a shut down could happen.

Meanwhile, Senate Dems back Planned Parenthood, will block defunding.

Medicaid turning to managed care to control health care costs. More here about long-term care managed care in Medicaid. Meanwhile, states are asking the feds for permission to cut their Medicaid programs to deal with budgets.

One patient's story, as they struggle with increasing health insurance premiums. Making the case for the individual mandate and pooled risk.

An effort to stem the tide of hospital readmissions.

Not all health info you find on the internet is reliable. Did anybody think it was?

How do you tell the difference between forgetfulness and Alzheimer's?

A medical mystery starting with a swollen ankle.

This is a really wonderful piece on what happens when the doctor's wife is the one with the diagnosis -- when illness hits close to home.

A smattering, then, with Congress out of session. So enjoy the interesting ideas pieces and have a great day. Jennifer

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