Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Idea Best Left Alone

Aetna has come up with a new way to force insureds to pay higher copays when they go to a hospital that doesn't give Aetna the lowest possible rates. Just like there are tiers of drugs, so you pay a higher copay for a Tier III drug than for a Tier I drug, there will be tiers of hospitals. If you go to a cheap hospital, you will pay a smaller copay than if you go to a hospital that demands a higher reimbursement rate from Aetna. It's Aetna's way of passing on some of their costs to you. As if your premiums weren't enough!

This is just part of a trend. Expect to see insurers looking for new and different ways to boost profits as health reform takes effect. For every burden on consumers that Congress attempted to alleviate, insurers (and other players in the health care market) will look for ways to make up the difference.

You have to give them points for creativity! Jennifer

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