Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Families USA

The Republican leadership in the House of Representatives plans to “defund” the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as part of its efforts to repeal the health
reform law. Doing so would take away key benefits and rights needed by America’s
families, unravel a law that holds insurance companies much more accountable, and
add a trillion dollars to the federal deficit over the next two decades. At the same time,
those who support defunding or repealing the law intend to keep these very health
benefits and rights—which they enjoy courtesy of America’s taxpayers—for themselves:

Members of Congress enjoy government-subsidized health coverage for
themselves and their family members. Congressional promoters of repeal
would take away tax credits that will help make coverage affordable for hardworking
American families.

Members of Congress are sheltered from the threat of discrimination due to
pre-existing conditions. Congressional promoters of repeal would deprive
ordinary Americans of this very same protection.

Members of Congress, when faced with an insurance claim that is denied, have
a guaranteed right to appeal that denial. Congressional promoters of repeal
would deny many Americans a similar right.

These are just three examples. There are more, and we’ve outlined them below.

What Congressional Promoters of Repeal Will Take Away from
American Families—But Keep for Themselves:

1. Affordable health coverage
2. Guaranteed coverage, regardless of pre-existing conditions
3. A right to appeal claims that are denied by insurers
4. Protection against discriminatory premiums due to pre-existing conditions
5. A complete package of health insurance benefits
6. Guaranteed coverage that can’t be taken away
7. A prescription drug benefit with no coverage gap
8. Protection against catastrophic health care costs
9. A choice of easy-to-compare health insurance plans
10. Protection against unreasonable premium increases
11. Fair and equal premiums for women
12. Coverage for early retirees
13. Access to free or low-cost preventive services
14. Access to affordable care at clinics

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