Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Question for You

I am speaking to the US Department of Transportation about disabilities issues -- chronic illness, specifically -- on Friday afternoon. This stems from my comment that those of us with invisible disabilities need more than wheelchair ramps to make the transportation system in America user-friendly. My immediate thought is clean restrooms. But what else do you need from the Department of Transportation?

Come on. Speak through me. Be heard. Jennifer


  1. Places to sit down. There are usually places on the buses/trains/etc, but it can be really hard in the wait areas. I have had Penn Station security guards tell me not to even sit on the floor. For many of us with chronic illness, standing for too long is tough -- as I am sure you are already aware

  2. I think there needs to be better signs on where elevators are and how to move (if on a wheelchair) through areas where they have those stiff arms. My wife always has a hard time at New York City Penn State. On the other hand, NJ Transit does a very good job with wheelchair users. If the train is approaching the platform, a conductor always sees her, grabs the "bridge" and let her take her time getting on the train. - Samir