Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Moaning

I can't believe it's already Monday, but I'm determined to get back to swimming, so I'm up super early to get you the news:

In his weekly address, President Obama urged compromise, warned against a shut down. So do those who remember the shut down of 1995. And the short-term fix that was proposed by the GOP on Friday contains huge cuts, but it does not defund health reform.

What care is essential, that should be covered under even the most basic health insurance plan, as federal officials ponder? This should be the next big set of health reform regulations.

At the National Governor's Association, Governors differ on extent of flexibility they want the feds to give them in cutting or reshaping Medicaid. GOP Governors want block grants, chunks of money with little federal control. New York's Medicaid cuts are a boon to the union. Huh? Meanwhile, over 100 organizations urge the feds not to allow the states to gut Medicaid. Still, the states clamor for flexibility in dealing with budget crises.

Reducing the rate of hospital readmissions also is part of health reform. Some Maryland hospitals are penalized for poor marks.

Recognizing that mistakes will be made in medicine, a critique of the current malpractice system, which compounds the mistakes for some patients and some doctors.

Wound care may matter more than antibiotics. Learn how to change that dressing properly.

Here's a reason to work at the White House -- a personal trainer!

We've been hearing about needless lumpectomies and node removals -- this time it's the men, with needless prostate biopsies. Really? They say PSA doesn't predict cancer.

And that's the early morning news. Back later with updates if warranted. Jennifer

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