Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans

The high risk pools begin enrollment today. Read about them here and in my blog posts below. Find out what's offered in your state by going to now.

If you've been uninsured for 6 months and you have a pre-existing condition, this is your answer. Finally. Jennifer


  1. I stumbled onto this blog searching for info. on any subsidies for the high-risk pool plans as they appear quite out of reach in price here in Georgia. Are there subsidies available...anyone? I will become uninsured 8/31, so 6 mos. seems far away, but am trying to speculate where the future may lead as I am one of the long-term unemployed, and have Crohns disease. My significant other, through whom I have been insured, just lost his job after 25 years. Currently, I am studying to get a paralegal cert. Quite interesting and challenging in that I am in a bad patch with health. Jennifer, I appreciate your work here!

  2. Hi. There are no subsidies for the PCIP, nor are you a good candidate for the PCIP because you should NEVER go 6 months without insurance. You should be able to COBRA under your current plan when your insurance ends. Once you exhaust your COBRA, there will be a "guaranteed issue" plan -- one that has to be offered to you regardless of pre-existing conditions. But not until you exhaust your COBRA. If you want to contact me directly, my email is Jennifer