Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Insurers Provide Care Management

When you get a call from a case manager for your insurance company, do you thank them for the help, or are you afraid that their goal is to deprive you of benefits? For me, I've always thought their job was to get me to use less -- fewer meds, fewer doctors, fewer tests. Or at the very least, stick their nose into something that's really none of their business.

Or is it? Here's an interesting take. Jennifer


  1. Last time I was in the hospital, doctor wasn't anywhere, didn't know the place, they didn't give me blood, fluids or allow me to leave. There was no blood typed to me anywhere. They said I'd have to wait until some was available after making me wait two days over Thanksgiving. So I finally leave, a week later the insurance company calls me to see if I was ok, did I have a prescription for Repliva. He gave me advice on not mixing iron and dairy, take the pills with OJ or some type of Vitamin C. I never heard from the doctor until I went back on my own. Very few questions. It was a shock to get a call from the insurance company (and not the Unum type of call!~). Nice guy seemed like.

    What do you think about it?

  2. I think you didn't get very good care - that's what I think! But I also think some insurance companies are helpful and some aren't. If this guy helped you, then that's a good thing! J