Friday, July 2, 2010

Health Reform Accomplishments and Controversy

The NY Times has a pair of articles today, one reporting pretty favorably on how health reform implementation is going pretty well, and another reporting on oral arguments in a case in Virginia in which the state is trying to invalidate the new law.

So just when people are starting to feel good about it -- even some who initially opposed it -- 20 states are trying to strike it down. I'd like to know what those 20 states would do instead, because we couldn't afford to do nothing. Yesterday, I heard from a woman whose insurance premium was increased 36%. If we kept going in that direction, the ranks of the uninsured would have swelled beyond control and reason, and the taxpayers would have ended up footing the bill to pay for the care of those who could not afford to pay themselves.

I think 20 states are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawsuits that would be better spent trying to implement the new law as well as possible. But that's just me. Jennifer

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