Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Info for Two Big Diagnoses, Infusion Pumps

A medical society that treats Alzheimer's patients has proposed broadening the criteria for diagnosing Alzheimer's. The idea is to diagnose sooner so that drugs that help to slow the disease's development will have more time to work.

Meanwhile, the diabetes drug Avandia is in big trouble. The government says the drug's maker hid evidence of adverse effects from the FDA and the public. The manufacturer already settled a class action lawsuit brought by people who took Avandia and had heart attacks or strokes. Not good. If you're on Avandia, talk to your doctor.

Finally, there's a recall on Baxter International's IV pump model called Colleague. Baxter has to provide a refund or a replacement pump. Contact your home health company for instructions.

That's the news! Jennifer

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