Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Running late again today, although I didn't oversleep -- I'm just moving slowly, exhausted from working 2 week-ends in a row. No matter; here's the news:

The Senate reached agreement on a bipartisan short-term budget bill that will keep the government running into November. The House is expected to go along with this -- apparently, FEMA decided they weren't running out of money this week, so the additional funds for disaster relief weren't needed, meaning the battle over whether they would have to be offset by spending cuts can be avoided for now. But the House is not in session this week, so we don't yet know when they will vote. They have to do it this week some time to keep the government open.

The Obama Administration has decided not to ask the full 11th Circuit to hear the health reform appeal, signifying its intent to go right to the Supreme Court. That pretty much guarantees that health reform will be a big part of the Presidential campaign season. And that's a very risky move.

The loss of a health plan for low income adults in Pennsylvania has left many more people uninsured.

Doctors think they are providing more care than patients need, and their reason is the need to practice defensive medicine.

Some doctors are refusing to treat kids who are not immunized. Hmm.

Healthy vending machines? Really? Maybe not.

Coffee may help women lower their risk of depression. Since coffee's generally not great for your health, this may boost the confidence of coffee drinkers. But if it helps depression in women, why not in men? I guess that's why I'm not a scientist!

And there you go -- today's highlights. Have a great day! Jennifer

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