Monday, September 19, 2011


GOP-ers are upset about President Obama's proposal to tax the wealthy, calling it class warfare. However, they disagree with his proposal to extend payroll tax cuts not only to workers but also to small employers. So it's class warfare when the President wants to tax the rich, but it's not class warfare when the GOP wants to protect the rich and raise taxes on workers.

To whom does that make sense? Jennifer

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  1. What's really insane is, those who screwed up the housing markets, crashed our economy, then were bailed out, are paying the lowest percentage in taxes.

    To see the GOP attack poor people makes me sick..... Criminalizing being poor? Hello... People wake up.

    These Wall Street million and billionaires actually pay lower rates then we do and I'm not working, due to disability, but we pay 20 % tax on 85% of my social security disability income and believe me, my working spouse doesn't make over $100,000.

    Class warfare.... Ha. They have been attacking the middle class for decades and now they are demonizing the poor. Give me a break!

    People need to separate fact from fiction and need from greed. These current GOP representatives are insane.