Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Our first blog entry in the new offices -- YAY! If only the news were this good.

The Labor Day bummer -- summer's over, back to work, what do we look forward to?

The President turns to jobs this week, saying he won't wait for Congress to make it happen. But with the GOP opposing anything that looks like a stimulus, can the President make real progress? Congress seems to be unable to do anything on jobs. But jobs continue to grow in the healthcare sector.

What will the super-committee do to Medicare? Scary.

As we come upon the 10th anniversary of 9/11, there are still major health effects suffered by workers, and still no health care coverage. Post-traumatic stress disorder is affecting thousands. But most Americans have rebounded and shown resilience. Is all the 9/11 coverage making things worse?

Reaching out to immigrants on health care. Teaching about Medicaid, insurance -- how to get care in the United States. (And for any Tea Partiers who read this, NOT illegal immigrants).Link
Defense contractors move into the health care field. Bombs and hospitals? Hmmm.

A Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkeley acts in ways that benefit her physician husband.

How does a caregiver know when enough is enough? Signals sent by patients, if you can hear them.

An emphasis on academic performance falls short on teaching motivation, self-control, focus, resilience -- the things that often determine success.

Sperm donors father many siblings. How would you feel?

Here are ways to work out at the office.

A diet book for pre-teens sparks outrage. I'm with the outrage on this one.

And there you go -- this morning's health headlines. Have a great day. Jennifer

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