Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I did what I think was the sane thing to do -- watched the end of the US Open finals instead of the GOP debate. But there's a lovely little clip of the crowd reacting when Wolf Blitzer asks Ron Paul what to do about a young, healthy man who goes without insurance and then has a serious injury, is in a coma. Ron Paul argues that the private sector -- community groups, churches, etc. -- should take care of him rather than the government. But the crowd, when Blitzer asks should we let him die -- that crowd yells YEAH! I guess they can't see themselves in that young man's shoes. Here's some fact-checking on other issues. And here's an interesting dialogue between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney on Social Security.

The President delivered his jobs bill to Congress yesterday, to a tepid reaction from the GOP, which says it's not bipartisan. Does anybody think there's anything this President could do that the GOP would like -- other than go away? The President wants to pay for his jobs bill with higher taxes on the rick -- and it's the GOP's mission to ensure that this does not happen. This is so despite the fact that the wealthy pay less in taxes than the middle class. Republicans also blocked a bill to fund FEMA so that it could provide disaster aid to those struck by hurricanes in the East and fires in Texas. Really?

Doctors are finding ways to help the uninsured get care. This can be a full-time job. But it's amazing what some doctors do. We recently spoke with a terminally ill young man whose doctor paid for him to stay in a hotel near the Mayo Clinic so he could try to get help. But can we get patients to care about their care? That's the question a new program seeks to answer.

There were complaints against health reform provisions that cut fees paid to Medicare Advantage plans -- but the plans continue to grow.

Can we train our immune system to kill cancer? We're a step closer to a real break-through.

Some say seniors get more medical tests than they should.

Insulin may slow Alzheimer's. What a wonderful discovery that would be.

Men who have children have lower testosterone as their nurturing side emerges.

And there you go -- this morning's news. Have a great day. Jennifere


  1. The US Open was a much better choice. And that clip makes me physically sick. Thanks as always for sharing, however.

  2. It alarms me to hear Americans cheer for those who might be less fortunate, or who make unwise choices, especially when these same Americans proclaim to let their churches and community organization take care of people and not the government. How can these people who proclaim to be Christian, cheer for pain, suffering and even death, find compassion to open their wallets at their churches and community organizations, when they cry foul about government assistance? The government made the decision to step up and help it's citizens 100 years ago, because the help was not
    enough from churches and community organizations. If there was no blatent hole in society, there would be no reason for government assistance.