Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Speaker Boehner has outlined his demand for a vote on raising the debt limit. Although the failure to do so would ruin not just our economy, but the world's, the GOP threatens to hold it hostage if we don't cut "trillions," including Medicare. They want at least $2 trillion in cuts. But the cuts can't reduce defense spending. And the conservative caucus in the House wants even more in cuts than Boehner. Some say Boehner is setting himself up for failure by setting the bar so high. The President will meet separately this week with Republicans and Democrats.

Oral arguments in the first appeals court cases attacking the health reform law will move forward today. There are two cases in the Fourth Circuit -- one that upheld the law and one that struck it down. We know the cases are going to the Supreme Court, but still, this is critically important. The court will decide first if the States have standing to challenge the individual mandate (since they aren't individuals and so won't be directly affected by the mandate) and then will decide whether the mandate is constitutional. And the Supreme Court is being set up for its decision being hailed as illegitimate, whichever way it turns out, or so says Politico.

What it's like to care for a spouse with dementia. I can't imagine, even after reading this.

The always wonderful Dr. Pauline Chen on revised medical school admission testing. What should be most important when choosing future doctors?

Birth control pills may dampen the chemistry of attraction between the sexes (or even within the sexes).

Charles Darwin was sick. With what, exactly?

House calls by nurse practitioners -- brilliant on convenience, but is it best for health?

Stop colon cancer screening at age 80? Really? Hmmm. But keep exercising, seniors -- it's the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth.

And that, my friends, is today's news. Have a GREAT day! Jennifer

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