Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Moaning

I hate Mondays -- period. Here's the news (health news, not the death of OBL):

Finally, another major newspaper picks up the report on the World Health Organization's focus on chronic disease, which accounts for 63 percent of deaths in the world, 70 percent in the United States. They are focusing mostly on tobacco, salt and sugar, as well as alcohol consumption and exercise. Not exactly where I'd have started, but at least we're finally talking about chronic disease.

Congress returns this week with the issue of increasing the debt ceiling on the front burner. There seems to be some feeling that it should be tied to controlling the debt, but there's no agreement on how those controls should operate. WaPo says Congress is in for a long fight, but time will run out as we near the debt limit. VP Biden is leading the way for the White House.

The GOP plan to end Medicare as we know it is supposed to be like regular insurance, but a closer look shows that's not quite the case. Here's another fact-checker of the plan. The plan resembles a plan that was dreamed up in 1999 and went nowhere. One of the supporters of the plan has been exposed for inaccurately citing a report -- by the author of the report! The GOP is being booed at town hall meetings, although since they're back in Washington this week, the public is going to have to work harder to get the message to them. Remember, you can find your Senators here and your Representative here.

At least 600,000 young adults have enrolled in their parents' health plan. That's 600,000 who most likely wouldn't have insurance otherwise.

There's a serious drug shortage in the United States, endangering patients.

How much medical testing is too much? How to choose the right screenings.

Last week, a federal court reversed a prior decision, clearing the way for federal funding of stem cell research. More here. And here, the NY Times breaks down a very complicated case about data mining that matters to you.

A story about a stem cell transplant and what it means to two families.

Indiana cuts funding for family planning grants.

An interesting story about a geriatric psychiatrist.

Have a great day. Jennifer

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