Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Well, the proposal for the new office is done and signed. Now we wait for the lease, and for the current tenant to move out. Should be in new digs by Labor Day. Totally psyched. In the meantime, though, it's all about today's news:

The Senate voted against the Paul Ryan GOP budget proposal that would have destroyed Medicare as we know it. Five GOP Senators voted with the Dems against it -- four because it goes too far, and 1 because it doesn't go far enough! Still, WaPo says the fact that most of the GOP stuck together despite the unpopularity of the proposal shows that debt reduction remains a major focus. But Tim Pawlenty, running for President, will propose his own plan rather than supporting the House GOP plan. He will offer people choices, including staying in the current plan.

The CEO of Blue Shield of CA -- a nonprofit insurer that's nothing short of brutal to its members -- released its executive salaries yesterday. The CEO of this nonprofit insurer made $4.6 million last year. Now that's the kind of nonprofit job we would all love to have.

Fifty percent of Americans have some personal tie to Medicaid. About 70% of seniors in nursing homes are on Medicaid.

This is really interesting. Doctors admit disruptive behavior in the workplace, using profanity, not cooperating with co-workers. Doctors also suffer from sleep deprivation. Think there's any connection between the two?

Meanwhile, ER docs say they order tests out of fear of being sued. And this is why I think there will be tort reform.

About 20% of young adults have high blood pressure and most don't know it. This is SO dangerous. Have check-ups and prevent a condition like this from getting out of control. Many experts believe prevention is the best way to control health care costs. So before you skip that check-up, think again.

Workers are more sedentary as we move from working in farms to working in offices -- yet another reason for the rise in obesity.

The Connecticut Senate passed the first of its kind paid sick leave bill, providing paid sick leave for employees of service industries with 50 or more employees. It now goes to the House and then the Governor, both of whom are expected to approve it.

And the Connecticut Insurance Department rejected a 35% premium rate increase -- good job!

And that's today's news. Have a great day! Jennifer

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