Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

The NY Times lays out what the GOP will do to thwart health reform if they are in power. For those of you who want this, well, I disagree, but that's your right. For those of you who want reform to play out to 2014 and see how it works, though, be really clear on what you're voting for or against in November. This is not about partisan politics; this is about health.

Here's an interesting guy.

The NY Times says there are too many of you who don't follow up on colon cancer screening. It's so easy to treat and cure if caught early. GO! The NY Times also says we can have a massage without the guilt. So do your colon cancer screening and reward yourself with a massage!

And then measure your consciousness.

WaPo writes about medical homes, a great innovation that will help people with chronic illnesses coordinate their care.

Politico says that now that kids can't be excluded due to pre-existing conditions, the insurers' response is to refuse to cover them at all. They refuse to be part of the solution, despite record profits.

Finally, HuffPo says the part of health reform the GOP likes the most is the high risk pool. Expensive and you have to be without insurance for 6 months to qualify, do you agree that this is the centerpiece of fixing our broken system?

As my friend Susan would say, bless their hearts. Jennifer

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