Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breaking News: The Ranks of the Uninsured Swell

Is anybody surprised by the new census data on the number of uninsured? What would happen if we had record unemployment, no COBRA subsidy, and a high risk pool that costs more than $500 per month? DUH!

I still say repealing the law is not the answer. We need more health care, not less. But 2014 can't come fast enough -- that's for sure.

Did you know that the feds would pay if States expanded Medicaid voluntarily in advance of 2014? Or that some States have already implemented medical homes, primary care case management, and are even working at setting up an Exchange sooner than 2014?

Your State can be doing more to help you. You should be yelling and screaming about this. This problem does not get solved by shrinking government; it gets solved by making government work for us. Jennifer

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