Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Day Before The Six Month Anniversary of Reform

A lot of news outlets have started covering the 6 month anniversary of health reform a day early. Here are some highlights:

A good Q & A about the changes that take effect tomorrow.

AP says it's been 6 months and people still don't know what the law says (I try).

President Obama has good things to say about reform.

HHS Secretary Sebelius tries to combat the drumbeat of misinformation.

USA Today has a summary of those aspects of the law that take effect tomorrow.

Politico reports on the continuing controversy over reform.

Meanwhile, the White House braces for de-funding of reform if GOP takes Congress.

And finally, WaPo reports on the difficulty in implementing the new law.

There undoubtedly will be more today and tomorrow, and I suspect I'll have a little something to say about this, as well. But if there was one message I could get across to you, it's that you MUST read and listen and learn for yourselves, and then judge. The misinformation is coming from powerful places like FOX News. None of us can really match that loud a voice. The only antidote is knowledge.

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  1. Does any of this affect people in Texas and other states? (Before I start reading everything to see nothing is going on here ;-))

  2. This is federal, Rabbit, so it has implications for people in every State. Whether and how it affects you in particular depends on a number of factors all relating to what kind of insurance (if any) you have now. If you have questions that relate specifically to your circumstances, you can always email me at Jennifer