Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Papers

The NY Times says new advances in medical technology are driving up costs. Assuming that is true, who should get the new and who shouldn't?

And this about using an insurance broker. I hesitate to post this, not because brokers aren't (some of them) good and helpful, but because brokers are lobbying to have their fees included in the 80-85% of premium dollars that count towards health care costs (the medical loss ratio, if you've been following this blog), and I suspect that's why they pushed hard to get a nice article about them in the NY Times.

And Politico says if the GOP takes over, the first thing they do is de-fund health reform. So if you were about to get your kid on your policy, or if your kid was about to get pre-existing conditions covered, or if your lifetime limit was about to be eliminated, or if you need the Pre-existing Health Insurance Plan -- not to mention all the changes that are coming up in the next few years -- I hope you read this.

A light news day on health issues. Have a good one. Jennifer

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