Friday, June 15, 2012

Ignorant Hate Mail


You'll never know the utter shame and contempt I feel for you and so many people in Connecticut.  May God have mercy on you and others in Connecticut who subscribe to this behavior.  I grew up in Vermont and moved away from there years ago.  All of New England is deeply troubled as witnessed by your actions.  I have a beautiful adopted daughter.  Think about that. 

Tampa, Florida

Just so you remember what this is about, I'm on a couple of advisory committees for the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange.  We are currently figuring out our recommendation on the Essential Health Benefits package -- the benefits that have to be covered by all insurance after 1/1/2014.  We voted to eliminate the federal employee plans because -- among other reasons -- those plans prohibit coverage of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or a threat to the life of the mother.  This got picked up in a local newspaper with a big headline saying Abortion Is an Essential Health Benefit in Connecticut or something like that.  We did not vote to make abortion an essential health benefit (although I would) -- we only voted to eliminate any plans that expressly prohibit insurers from covering abortion.  Indeed, in light of the anti-abortion language in the federal law, we don't even know if we can make abortion an essential health benefit -- we're awaiting advice from the feds on that.  But I was quoted in the article as saying this was a victory for women in Connecticut.  Thus, the hate mail.  J

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