Friday, June 29, 2012

Crazy Talk

We've all heard already about the people who tweeted that they were going to move to Canada after the Supreme Court's health reform decision.  Of course, Canada has government run health care.  Rush Limbaugh says he's moving to Costa Rica -- another country with universal health care. 

But there are other crazies, and some of these are just too ridiculous to pass up.

Conservative firebrand Michael Savage says Justice Roberts's cognitive abilities are compromised by the medication he takes to prevent epileptic seizures, thereby explaining his vote in favor of the constitutionality of the individual mandate. 

Michelle Bachmann said "Anytime the Supreme Court renders something constitutional that is clearly unconstitutional, that undermines the credibility of the Supreme Court."  Um, the Supreme Court decides what's constitutional.  By definition, if they say it's constitutional, it's constitutional. 

I'm sure there will be more, but after reading Michael Savage's comment, I had to go ahead and post.  Jennifer

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  1. I am watching for someone to say they're moving to the Netherlands. They have an individual mandate, health insurance exchange system with a public system for nursing home care (roughly their Medicaid), and subsidies for the poor. And a tax for those who don't buy insurance.

    They reformed their system in 2006. They spend 9.2% of GDP on health care and have the best outcomes in the world. Many say its, by far, the best health care system in the world (it covers 98.5% of the population and the other 1.5% are eligible just not enrolled).

    Hmm. What does that look like? Oh, Obamacare! The biggest difference between their system and our new system is that they have a risk incentive pool, which actually incentivized insurers taking on high risk cases. That's the next reform we need out of this.

    I especially love the people who say we need market based reforms. This is market based reform.