Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bookmark This

Larry Berkelhammer has had chronic health problems for most of his life.  He worked in retail for many years, but ultimately decided to become a psychotherapist.  When he decided to "retire," he shifted gears yet again, helping to spread his teachings on coping with chronic illness.

Dr. Berkelhammer's blog is full of important advice.  Like many of what I consider to be the best advice on living with chronic illness, Larry's focus is on mindfulness.  Dr. Berkelhammer not only posts his writings, but he also posts really good videos, interviews with experts who he thinks shed important light on living with chronic illness. 

I've just started exploring the wisdom on his blog and it has me thinking and re-thinking my own coping strategies.  I strongly recommend following him.  Even if you know a lot of this, Larry's blog will help reinforce that knowledge.  And for those of you who are newly diagnosed or who haven't really found a good coping strategy, Larry will help you find a healthy direction to pursue.

So bookmark it now and follow along.  Jennifer

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