Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I was supposed to have today off, but we hear that the next set of regulations on health insurance appeals is coming out today, and we hear that the industry managed to convince the feds that they needed a whole lot of breaks, so I'm not expecting to be happy about it. Unfortunately, they're not posted this early in the morning, so I'll do a quick take on the news:

Remember that study that said 30% of employers would drop health care for employees under reform? Well, it turns out there were a few problems with the study and the way it was conducted.

It seems the folks in Washington finally realized they don't have a lot more time to negotiate over debt reduction before the debt limit is reached and we're in full-scale crisis mode. Still, a leading GOP-er says they now want a 10 year deal! If you don't understand the debt ceiling, here's a good explanation.

The AMA affirmed its support for the individual mandate yesterday. They know how important it is for their patients to be insured.

Here's a piece on insurance appeals. These are the easy appeals, a coding error, not the kind of appeals we do. Since nearly 1 in 5 claims is processed incorrectly, you should know how to handle these kinds of claims, too.

Loyalty and long-term commitment are good for your health. Who knew?

I don't really understand this, but maybe you do. A complex math theory is helping in the fight against HIV.

And that's a quick view of today's news. Have a great day. I'll be back later with news on the appeal regulations. Jennifer

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