Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Moaning

I thought I couldn't hate Monday more than usual, but after such a disappointing week-end, having to miss Eddie Vedder due to the amount of time I'm spending in the bathroom these days, I really hate today more than usual. But as always, here's the news:

The GOP is ready to take the pressure off -- instead of a solid increase to the debt limit, a short-term fix, postponing the hard work until the Fall. Why? What gets better in the Fall? A failure here means skyrocketing interest rates.

This week, in the debt reduction talks, changes to Medicaid and Medicare will be discussed. What are the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and more really going to cost us in health care?

Imagine how many jobs we could create if we invested in our crumbling infrastructure.

Interesting piece -- four ways Dems and GOP have reached health care consensus.

No more waivers from the health reform requirement that phases out annual caps on benefits. HHS will stop accepting requests for waivers on September 22, and those waivers will last through 2013.

The health reform law's long-term care insurance option. Helping seniors stay at home longer.

Hospitals are courting primary care doctors. Instead of private practice, work on staff at hospitals along-side specialists. This allows primary care docs to play the role of care coordinator that is so critical.

You live longer with cancer if you have more education, a study finds. The least educated die 2.5 times faster than those with college educations.

Are we over-using CT scans? Medicare says yes. The AMA says no.

NY City police department has a hearing test and bans hearing aids. I understand the need to hear, but why ban hearing aids?

Returning soldiers have respiratory problems.

A consensus grows to make amends for forced sterilizations -- but with budget crises, will there be money to pay compensation?

And that's the start to the week. Have a great day. Jennifer

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