Thursday, June 16, 2011

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This evening, I will be speaking to the IBD support group at the Jill Roberts IBD Center at Weill-Cornell Medical Center/NY Presbyterian Hospital. So if you're interested, drop by. In the meantime, here's the news:

And here's my story of the day. A Massachusetts man gave notice that his wife had cancer and he would need to take some leave. He asked for a modified schedule. Instead, he was fired. His employer is not subject to the Family and Medical Leave Act because there are fewer than 50 employees. It's a brutal world out there. When people call me to ask about requesting accommodations and FMLA leave, I always warn them -- some employers would rather risk being sued than keep a sick employee. Disgusting, but reality.

The parties are still talking about raising the debt ceiling, reporting that meetings are productive, but giving no specifics. It does appear that cuts to food programs have been eliminated. But GOP policy disagreements complicate the negotiations. Still, the talks are inspiring optimism in the business community.

A bunch of Dems prepared mailings to constituents opposing the GOP cuts to Medicare. But the GOP refuses to let them send them. Meanwhile, a GOP Senator says President Obama has abdicated leadership on the problem of saving Medicare.

And an advisory group proposes that Medicare crack down on the use of imaging studies; Medicare may require prior authorization for imaging like CT scans and MRIs.

Ezra Klein shares this: 80 ways health reform changes health care in America. Interesting.

Two opinions on the Exchanges where we will be able to shop for health insurance: One thinks they will be good for consumers and the other thinks they're doomed to fail.

GOP Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman's record on health reform when he was Governor of Utah. Detached, they say.

Children on Medicaid are turned away by doctors and made to wait longer to see specialists, says a new report. And states are pushing President Obama to allow them to drop people from Medicaid entirely.

Women's life expectancy is decreasing, at least in part due to smoking and obesity. Births are down, too, presumably because of the economy.

Did you know oxycontin was reformulated to make it harder to snort or inject to try to deter abuse? Apparently, it didn't quite work.

And that's today's news. Have a great day! Jennifer

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